iUCELL LMS shall be entitled to GS (Good Software) certification,
patent, and program registration. Excellent program completed.

English/Math/Foreign language learning
Question/Video learn/
Role by learning contents

Learning site main screen

Content creation tool

Content learning screen

iUCELL LMS creates content for learning.
This is a web platform that you can manage.

LMS(Learning Management System) + iUCELL
(Content production program)

You can create content for English learning content,
content for learning languages, and multiple-choice questions.

Easily produce learning materials (PDF, scan files, voice) with content.
Multiple jobs work simultaneously, creating faster.

You can create eight different types of content.

Coupon Issuance / Student Management / Learning Statistics
And learning on both PC and mobile

Test-question Content

Practice listening and writing complex test


It is possible to do basic multiple choice questions.

Listening test, recording function, drawing function

It is possible to produce exam questions with long texts.

Can be decorated with HTML compatible styles in all areas.

The questions are coordinated by questions, suggestions, and suggestions for questions.


Detailed statistics on learning



Rote by learning / Sentence learning

Example of vocabulary study learning


It is effective for learning a lot of words. (Quick production using Excel-organized data)

Various learning using image, voice, text, blind text etc.

Completion of completed learning process / completion of confirmation learning immediately after learning

Use for sentence learning / long learning, repeat listening, fast speed control by voice speed control

Detailed statistics such as learning progress, completion status (%), recurring learning days, learning time, etc.

Only sentence / long sentence learning,




Video learning / Drawing (Marking,Line Drawing)


Show Vimeo or Youtube file



MP4 Video File

Youtube Video File

Vimeo Video File(Security)

Video Script and Subtitle, Repeat



Enables the use of MP4 video as a content

You can link videos of YouTube or Vimeo video file script.

Video bookmark function, section repeat function, subtitle write function.

Creation of contents such as line drawing, freehand drawing, and specific location text input.

The teacher can give quick feedback because he can see the students ‘ answers at a glance.



Example of marking a region with a circular


eBook Type

Reading(Story book) Type



Mobile APP (Support Android device)